Many homeowners opt for flat roofs for their homes as they cost less to install than the more common shingled roofs and offer clean flat lines for the modern home. The good news is that flat roofs are easier to repair. Why? A homeowner uses only two materials to patch their roof because there are no interlocking shingles.

Usually, a roof may need repairing if a homeowner can spot mould or watermarks on the ceiling or cracked, peaked, creased, or pulling-up roofing material. Is the roofing 15 years or older? It may be time to replace the old roof.

DIY Roof Repairs

Use a utility knife to cut out the damaged section of the roofing. Give an additional two inches beyond the ruined spot to address the entire area. Afterwards, clean the damaged area using a cotton rag soaked in mineral spirit.

Fill in the depression with a wet roofing patch. Use multiple overlapping rows of reinforcing tape to cover this section, plus a further two inches. Ensure that the supporting band completely sinks flat into the wet patch with no creases, ridges, or buckles.

Apply a second layer of a wet patch that extends up to four inches beyond the first patch and feather out the edges to avoid creating a ridge along the edges.

Finally, cure the roof patch after two hours.


Are there large sections of a flat roof that are rotting or that pool water and require replacement? It, therefore, is advisable for a homeowner to enlist the services of a contractor or a professional roof repairing company.