Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are essential as they protect a home’s foundation, walls, ceiling, and doors from water damage. They help to minimize soil erosion, shield against basement flooding, and prevent water-related staining and premature decay of the patios and fascia. Therefore, to ensure that the gutters work effectively, one must perform regular gutter cleaning to eliminate any clogging caused by twigs, leaves, ice, dust, or other debris.

Fortunately, you can carry out this do-it-yourself task with the right tools and protective equipment. Here’s how to clean your gutters:

How to Clean Your Gutters

Schedule gutter cleaning semi-annually in spring and fall ahead of harsh winter weather and severe summer storms.

Wear proper protective gear, which includes heavy-duty work gloves, protective eyewear, and shoes with good traction.

Use a study and functioning extendable ladder to reach the gutter and remove the gunk either by hand or using a small plastic hand trowel, placing these into a bucket that can hang onto the ladder.

Then use a pressure washer or a powerful handheld blower to flush the gutter and downspouts to remove any lingering debris. The pressure washer will also make it possible to identify any gutter leaks.

Finally, perform gutter repairs, such as fixing leaks and sagging metals.


Clean gutters ultimately have a longer lifespan than clogged gutters and enhance the aesthetics of a home. Therefore, a homeowner cannot ignore cleaning their home gutters. When one does not have the time or is uncertain about performing the task unaided, several companies offer gutter cleaning services at an affordable cost.