Solar Panels Service

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The UK has witnessed a significant growth in the adoption of solar panels in both homes and businesses in recent years, with no signs of this growth stopping as power tariffs continue to rise rapidly. This is the perfect time to get solar panels installed in your home or office, with one of the key benefits being that you don’t have to pay any VAT on them at all.

Solar panel survey, installation, maintenance, and more

The team at Roofdoctor comprise certified electrical engineers who have been installing solar panels across both domestic and commercial sites for years. We are a highly experienced and accredited installer of solar panels or solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, as they are known among manufacturers. Our solar panels are designed to cut down carbon emissions as much as possible, along with your electricity bill, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be producing clean and green electricity without having to worry about inflated bills.
We specialise in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance/service of solar panels, helping you across all aspects of solar panel installation and usage. Being renewable energy experts, we can quickly assess your power requirements after an initial site survey free of cost and would be happy to supply you with a free quote as well.
As renewable energy specialists in the UK, we’ve helped many homes and commercial facilities cut down their carbon footprint, power costs and overall environmental impact. Our way of working revolves around sustainability as each one of our solar panels are built to minimise waste and emissions.
At the core of our solar panel installation service is quality customer care. We provide a great deal of aftercare service to all our customers, making timely follow-up calls to ensure everything is working as expected, and to answer any questions if need be. We’re currently among the UK’s most affordable solar panel supplier and installer, working with leading solar panel manufacturers only and offering the full manufacturer’s warranty. Our engineers are fully vetted, insured and qualified to work with the complete range of solar panels, guaranteeing a quality job the first time around.

Why go solar?

Solar electricity panels or photovoltaics (PV) retain and convert the sun’s energy to help power up your
home or office. More and more UK homes are going solar, as the ability to generate your own
renewable power is not only hard to beat but a very smart long-term investment, especially as the
rapidly rising power tariffs show no signs of slowing down.

By installing solar panels, you can effectively:
– Reduce your power bills
– Cut down your carbon footprint
– Receive payments for the extra energy you generate
If you believe you need planning permission to get solar panels installed, we can assist you with that as well, although in most cases, no planning permission is required since solar panels come under ‘permitted developments’. Learn more about how solar panels can be a complete game changer and future-proof you against soaring power tariffs.