Roof Cleaning Service

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A thorough and professional roof cleaning job using high-quality solutions, materials and equipment can extend the life of your roof by at least a few years. In some case, we’ve even seen roofs lasting well over a decade or more, all thanks to timely cleaning and maintenance.

Whenever the weather transitions from cold to warm and generally more damp, roofs end up taking most of the brunt of these climatic changes. Unsurprisingly, roofs can get clogged with moss and lichens find a comfortable abode on your roof tiles as well. Most homeowners do not know this as they certainly don’t have the time or want to risk their own safety climbing up to inspect the roof themselves.

A professional roof cleaning job fully sanitises the roof tiles, ensuring that they are free of organic matter and weather-related elements. This can not only make your roof last a lot longer but also eliminate the need to get unnecessary (and often costly) repair and maintenance work done. Soft washing roofs, for example, is something that can keep them clean a good 4-6 times longer than traditional pressure washing.

Depending on the level of roof cleaning you need and the kind of roof you have installed, our qualified and licenced roof cleaners will use their extensive experience and tried-and-tested techniques to clean your roof in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective manner.

We’re only a phone call away in case you need us. Our team will be happy to conduct a free initial survey and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Don’t attempt to clean that roof yourself!

Many homeowners think: “Cleaning the roof should be simple enough. Might as well save some money and do it myself”. This can prove to be a costly and often fatal mistake! First off, roof cleaning requires specialised cleaning solutions and equipment as well as tools. Using the wrong cleaning solutions or tools, for example, can ruin a perfectly good roof, requiring some very costly repairs down the line, or even a complete roof replacement (huge cost!).

Second, attempting to clean the roof yourself can lead to serious injury – one slip or wrong move is all it takes, and you could be looking at major hospital bills. Don’t be that ‘fella’. As tempting as it may seem to save money and clean the roof yourself, it’s not worth the risk or future ramifications.
Roofdoctor prides itself in offering a very cost-effective roof cleaning service, conducting thorough surveys and advising on the level of roof cleaning you require. We take into account what kind of roof you have, the level of cleaning it requires, and then send a specialised team with the right tools, equipment and cleaning agents/solutions to conduct a professional roof cleaning job.

What to expect during your roof cleaning

  • Only experienced, licensed, insured and fully vetted roof cleaners
  • 24-hour availability for roof cleaning including 24/7/365 availability for emergency roof cleaning
  • Complete peace of mind from trade accreditation
  • Dedicated backend team in case you have questions, concerns, or require a follow up
  • Only quality cleaning solutions and commercial-grade equipment used
  • No waste, dust, trash or debris left behind after job completion
  • We do not charge for travel time, parking, or congestion
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