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Roofing Services

Roof Repairs

Whether you require pitched and tile roof repairs, flat and felt roof repairs, a roof repair inspection survey, or emergency roof repairs, we list the best professionals for the job

Gutter Cleaning

Our tradespeople are expert rooftop & gutter cleaners. They can remove all dirt and debris from your gutters, including fixing/replacing any guttering & downpipes which have broken down due to blockages

Roof Insulation

We offer a complete range of insulation solutions, fit for all budgets and needs. We use premium mineral wool insulation for lofts or roofs, which is both robust and versatile as well as affordable

Roof Cleaning

Depending on the level of roof cleaning you need and the kind of roof you have installed, our qualified and licenced roof cleaners will use their extensive experience and tried-and-tested techniques to clean your roof in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective manner

Solar Panels

Our experts specialise in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance/service of solar panels, helping you across all aspects of solar panel installation and usage. Being renewable energy experts, we can quickly assess your power requirements after an initial free site survey

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For Roofdoctor there’s no roof repair too big or small.

Don’t listen to that roof repair business that always tells you to “replace your roof”. While roof replacements might make sense in only a small handful of scenarios, in most cases, your roof can be repaired and made to function practically as good as new.

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"Roofdoctor is the ultimate time saver for busy people that need work taken care of quickly"

– Dave

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